Schoolboy Errors
Posted on: 27/03/2018

The vast majority of gallery photographs are badly exposed and technically flawed. Glance though the gallery pages of your competitors and see how they are shooting themselves in the foot. It's a costly mistake you can easily avoid and exploit to your own advantage.

Look out for these schoolboy errors.

Badly exposed - This is the most common fault of all in bad project phototgraphs. Too dark or too light. It's a fundamental error.
Camera Shake - Most digital cameras don't take the photograph when you hear the click. It's what is know as shutter lag. Because the person pressing the shutter is unaware, they're already moving before the camera has taken the shot.
Reflections - The usual culprit here is the 'headless photographer'. The reflection of the photographer in the oven or splashback, often seen trying to hide to be less obvious. Occasionally, he or she is visible in the window or patio doors, often accompanied by the flash pop.
Flash pops - The temptation in low light is to turn the flash on, resulting in harsh shadows and the tell tale pop reflection in windows, doors and appliances. 
Colour casts - That yellow cast that seems to happen in some photographs is down to the wrong camers settings. Light has different colour that can change quickly and almost imperceptably. Artificial light (tungsten, halogen and LED) all have their own colour temperature.
Converging verticals - When you tip a camera up or down it distorts the image. The straight lines that should be vertical now slope towards each other, making it look as though everything is falling backwards.
Clutter - It's a simple one. Having the experience to politely agree to move various items from worktops and islands makes a world of difference.
Unfinished work - Time or timing is one of the main problems with project photography. Totally finished is the time to take photographs of completed jobs.

Of course, the opposite might be true. And if it’s your competitors who already have the professional photographs, then this solution will more than redress the balance. It's a turn-key solution that provides outstanding, affordable, gallery photography, every time..

So who uses this professional service?

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