No One Regrets Great Content
Posted on: 14/04/2017

No one has ever told me they regret having invested in great content.

Images lead and words close. Your marketing material may use all the right words; if the images you use don't create an immediate connection, your words lose impact.

John Loengard, a former Picture Editor of People and Life magazines, put it like this:

“The reader sees before he ever reads and may never read if there’s nothing interesting to see.” 

Each and every image has a single objective: to attract the right customer and to tell a story that connects. The better that visual story, the easier it will be to sell your service. In fact, if the photographs already illustrate that your project or property is high value, clean and well thought-out, your sales force won't have to. Your next customer will already be sold.

The whole point of investing in unique, high-end architectural photographs is to build an archive: Having more photographs in an archive means you have many more opportunities to promote your company with a consistent story and aesthetic. Creating a wide variety of photographs means you’ll be able to apply fresh content to relevant uses without over-use.

Learning your story, understanding the nuances of your business and the customer base you serve, is the starting point for me as a photographer. Together we’ll agree what it is you need to say and how to convey that message in an intentional, creative way.

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