Ethics and Backlinks
Posted on: 04/09/2017

It’s always nice when companies understand how photography and social media really work together.

Royston Glass Splashbacks supply bespoke glass splashbacks to one of my clients, Inline Kitchens. Having received the images from their recent photo shoot, Inline Kitchens have forwarded a nice shot of the splashback to Royston Glass Splashbacks, who have used it in their website portfolio. Nice!

‘So what?’... I hear you ask.
Actually the benefits are manyfold....

Inline Kitchens have a valuable backlink to their website which helps their SEO. Always good. They also get the potential exposure to future clients when they’re at an early information gathering stage in their purchasing journey. The photograph upholds a consistent company profile and reinforces the quality of their work.

Royston Glass Splashbacks get a great portfolio photograph. It’s well composed, properly lit and shows their product in a real kitchen.
It also speaks volumes about the ethics of their company. They could have lost this photograph in amongst a multitude of other images and I may never have known. That would have been an opportunity wasted. By taking a little extra time to add backlinks and credits, they have added to their own credibility and gained so much more. They get my respect and gratitude. It’s amazing how few people give the photographer the appropriate credits.

Now, you may think this a bit of a moot point but consider this. Because of their actions, which will indeed improve their own SEO, the additional benefits for both Royston Glass Splashbacks and Inline Kitchens might not be immediately obvious:

  • A tweeted a thank you from me to Royston Glass Splashbacks for supporting my client’s marketing efforts, potentially reached 229 of their followers plus 500 of Inline Kitchens followers and 2400 followers of mine. And that’s approximately 3129 people, excluding retweets etc.
  • A similar post on LinkedIn where I have approximately 700 connections, many within the KBB industry.
  • This blog post, along with reciprocal backlinks, completed the circle with even more backlinks, adding further value to page and domain rankings.
  • A post on my Facebook page providing yet more backlinks and exposure to another audience.

All this because Inline Kitchens is a loyal client who ensured the appropriate credits and Royston Glass Splashbacks who appreciates how photographs, social media and the internet works - to all our benefits. When you present Paul Leach Photography with a commission, you get so much more than excellent photographs. You get a whole raft of digital PR as part of a very superior service.

Thank you, both.

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