Family Roots

The interior photography of his prestigeous Yorkshire home took place over a number of days.


Beautifully appointed throughout and with unique touches, such as the 24 carrat gold leaf ceiling, hand stiched hide carpet and Venetian Stucco plasterwork, this home was an interior photographer's dream.

Contemporary corner of a designer lounge Paul Leach Photography
Private home with twenty-four carat gold ceiling. Photographed by Paul Leach
Corner of cool modern bedroom Paul Leach Interior photographer
Black vanity basins with ornate gold mirror Interior photography by Paul Leach
Modern white bathroom with high ceiling Paul Leach Photography
Calm area within a comfortable lounge with roof lights Paul Leach Photography
Wide door with staircase. Paul Leach interior photographer
door banister and stairs Paul Leach Photography
Elegant poolroom with purple ceiling Paul Leach Interior Photography
Opulent bedroom with modern four-poster bed Paul Leach Photography
Opulent entrance hall with Venician plasterwork Paul Leach Photography
Rich bathroom with Venetian plaster-work Paul Leach bathroom photography
Tall stairwell with light fitting by Paul Leach Interior photographer