Finding that photograph!

If you’ve ever seen someone frantically trying to show you one photograph amongst the thousands of images they have on their phone or laptop, you appreciate one of the most frustrating aspects of digital photography. Finding that one photograph you

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Awarded Best of Houzz 2016

Paul Leach has been awarded Best of Houzz in the photography category by Houzz, the leading platform for home renovation and design. An annual survey and analysis of the community of over 35 million monthly users revealed the top-rated architectural

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We are a visual species.

Since our earliest days, images have captured our attention. They are at the heart of our storytelling. As young children pictures are one of our first methods of expression and a fundamental tool for education. Images bring text to life. They are

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Photographs for building businesses!

The common theme that runs through the vast majority of incoming enquiries is the need and desire to grow business. The emphasis varies.  It might be the need to secure more business or to expand services into new areas. Alternatively it can be

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When less is more.

Most newspapers and magazines have a single front-page image.

Why? Because it works. Fewer images create a bigger impact. Every image on a page earns its right to be there.

Customer attention is a limited commodity and here's why... It

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Choosing an Architectural Photographer

Defining what an architectural photographer does is almost as complex as defining what an architect does. Architects cover and often specialise in different areas of architecture. From urban planning and infrastructure, to public buildings,

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